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Sex with a gay dressmaker . Katrina Moreno


Sex with a gay dressmaker . Katrina Moreno full

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Katrina is so hot that she even makes the gays horny. Katrina Moreno receives a visit from her gay friend, who is a bra designer. Her husband thinks this boy is an impostor, So, he makes him some tests to measure her level of homosexuality. The result is impressive. Now he can go to work calmly. However, once they are home alone trying on bras, the dressmaker gets horny to see Katrina’s pretty tits. And he confesses to her that he feels like a woman, but is attracted to women too, so they end up rubbing their clits.

Sex with a gay dressmaker . katrina moreno

Date: December 3, 2022
Actors: Katrina Moreno

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